Diabetes Management

Camp Nejeda wants our campers to develop a positive approach to their diabetes management and encourages them to take an active, age- and maturity- appropriate role in their own care. Organized education sessions are augmented by the many teachable moments that occur throughout each day. All insulin, needles, blood glucose meters and related supplies (except for pump supplies) are provided by the camp.

Blood Glucose (BG) Monitoring

BG monitoring is done at least four times a day at summer camp (meals and bedtime) and any other time a camper requires. Camp Nejeda's counselors and program staff carry backpacks equipped with BG meters, glucose tabs, insta-glucose, and snacks.

Camp Nejeda provides all meters, test strips, single-use lancets, glucose tabs and snacks for campers while they are at camp.

Insulin Administration

All insulin (injection or bolus) is administered by, or under the direct supervision of, a doctor or nurse. A pediatric endocrinologist reviews BG records daily and makes adjustments whenever necessary. All campers and their parents are required to sign our "Insulin Contract" agreeing that the camper will not administer insulin or make any change in pump settings without the direct supervision of a member of the medical team. Campers who fail to follow this rule will be dismissed from camp immediately and without a refund. Insulin, needles and most insulin pen supplies are provided for campers while at camp.

Insulin Pumps

While at Camp Nejeda infusion sites are changed every two days. Camp Nejeda requires that any camper using an insulin pump has been using the pump for insulin administration for at least 30 days prior to the start of their camp session.

At this time pump supplies (other than insulin) for use at camp must be provided by the camper/family.

Currently, about 60% of our campers are using insulin pumps to help manage their diabetes. Many of our nurses are trained in the skills associated with insulin pump use. The Camp Nejeda Foundation is working to train even more nurses in these skills.