The Camp Nejeda Foundation relies on charitable support from individuals, corporations, foundations and associations who share our commitment to helping children with type 1 diabetes live happier, healthier lives. Our donors make it possible!

Because of the generosity of our donors, the Camp Nejeda Foundation is able to subsidize approximately one-third of the cost of camp for all campers. In 2019, Camp Nejeda's fees are $1,050 per camper/per week although our actual costs are close to $2,000 per camper/per week.

Donations also allow the Camp Nejeda Foundation to provide financial aid for campers from families with the greatest financial need.  Our Campership Program offers assistance that ranges from 20% to 100% of camp fees; however, most awards are for 100% of camp fees. About one-third of our campers receive financial assistance each summer.

In addition, charitable gifts make possible the capital improvements that ensure safe and appropriate facilities. Recent capital projects at Camp Nejeda include the Helmsley Health Center, the Bolger Pavilion, and rebuilding of the porch on Casperson Hall.   

Each donation is greatly appreciated and makes an immediate impact for the hundreds of children and families we serve every summer.

There are several ways YOU can show your support for Camp Nejeda:

Annual Gifts

Annual gifts from our donors provide sustained, ongoing support of our efforts to encourage campers to take an active role in managing their diabetes. Each and every gift is appreciated, no matter the size! Click here to make a secure online donation and receive an electronic tax receipt. Donations may be made via check or money order payable to: Camp Nejeda. Please mail your donation to: 
Camp Nejeda Foundation
Attn: Development Office
P.O. Box 156
Stillwater, NJ 07875

Memorial Donations and Tributes

There is no more meaningful expression of sympathy and love than a gift in memory or honor of a loved one. The Camp Nejeda Foundation gratefully recognizes each memorial or tribute gift with a letter of acknowledgment to the family of the person memorialized or honored. You may make your donation online and indicate in the note field the name of the person you wish to be recognized or mail your memorial or tribute gift to: Camp Nejeda Foundation, Attn: Donations, P.O. Box 156, Stillwater, NJ 07875. 



WALK FOR THE CAUSE AND STAY FOR THE FUN!  Camp Nejeda's Walkathon is our largest and most important annual fundraiser! Funds are used to sustain the Camp Nejeda Summer Camp and other programs and to continue to keep camper fees below costs for our camper families. 

The 15th Annual Walkathon will be held on Sunday, September 29, 2019. It's easy and fun to get involved. View our 2019 Walkathon event page and to register and where you also can create personal/family/team fundraising pages. An invitation to stay overnight on Saturday evening before the event for a Walkathon Kick-Off Bonfire and Camp Out will be extended to participants who raise $1,000 or more.

Registration includes a goody bag, lunch and a full range of activities including access to our Zip Line, Archery, Boating on the Lake, bouncy house and other fun activities.

Create a Personal Fundraising Page

Join those who are making a difference for Camp Nejeda by starting your own personal fundraising page to benefit Camp Nejeda! Pick a fundraising goal, such as $1,050 to pay for a child's one-week stay at Camp Nejeda. Then create a page explaining why you are raising money for Camp Nejeda and send a link to friends and family to ask for their support of your fundraising efforts! 

Engrave a Paver

Have your personal message engraved on a paver in the Helmsley Health Center patio and walkway. An engraved paver is a meaningful way to honor or memorialize a friend or important person, celebrate an important event or commemorate your years at Camp Nejeda. Simply complete the order form and return to the camp. Orders are taken year-round and pavers are engraved in two batches a year as weather permits.

Matching Gifts and Workplace Campaigns

Matching gift programs can double your gift's impact; contact your employer to find out if your gift is eligible for matching support.

Workplace campaigns such as the United Way, Corporate, and State Employee Campaigns allow you to support the work of the Camp Nejeda Foundation through payroll deduction programs. Please ask your employer if you can designate your support to the Camp Nejeda Foundation. Our United Way number is 970675.

Gifts of Stock

Donors who transfer gifts of stock to Camp Nejeda will receive a gift credit of the mean value of the stock on the gift date, which is defined as the day it passes out of the donor’s control.  Donors of stock are encouraged to consult their brokers or advisors. Camp Nejeda’s policy is to sell the securities and apply the funds to the area the donor has specified. 

Donate a Vehicle via Donate for Charity

Donating your car, truck, boat or other vehicle is a hassle-free way to get rid of your vehicle and support the Camp Nejeda Foundation. Running or not, your vehicle will be picked up free of charge (all 50 states, including Alaska & Hawaii). Your vehicle can even be picked up at the repair shop or on the side of the road! Your vehicle will be sold at auction (older vehicles will be sold for parts) and the proceeds will go to Camp Nejeda. You will receive a receipt entitling you a tax deduction. (click here now to learn more about our partnership with Donate for Charity and additional information about the program.)

In-Kind Contributions

Camp Nejeda gratefully accepts gifts of goods and services, including medical supplies, every year.  Our Wish List provides suggestions for in-kind contributions that are needed each summer.  If you have questions about whether or not Camp Nejeda can accept a particular item, please contact us at (973) 383-2611. 

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts can help donors achieve their personal financial goals as well as benefit Camp Nejeda.  Donors should consult with a financial advisor to determine the legal and tax implications of a planned gift. If you would like to make a gift to Camp Nejeda or want to discuss the opportunities available, please contact us at (973) 383-2611 x228.