Camp Nejeda Day Camps


SOUTH JERSEY DAY CAMP- Monday, July 9 - Friday, July 13, 2018 AND Monday, July 16 - Friday July 20, 2018
Riverwinds Community Center, West Deptford, NJ

MANHATTAN DAY CAMP- Monday, August 6 - Friday, August 10, 2018

Kids with type 1 diabetes have been calling Camp Nejeda their home away from home since 1958, returning each summer for a fun experience and a chance to just be kids with without having the worries associated with living with type 1 diabetes. Camp Nejeda's Day Camp programs bring the tradition of summer camp fun to you! Campers will enjoy outdoor games, activities, and field trips while under the supervision of our counselors and medical staff.

 New York City Day Camp - August 2016

New York City Day Camp - August 2016

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Day Camp Flyer

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Day Camp Flyer

Why does Camp Nejeda provide off-site Day Camp programs?

We know that there are many children with diabetes who do not get the experience of a diabetes camping program because they and/or their parents are nervous about going to traditional sleep-away program.  The Nejeda Day Camp program was created to encourage participants to have a sibling/family member (or friend) to attend the camp with them in a day-only environment to make the camper and their parents/guardians more comfortable with a possible transition into sleepaway camping. 

History of Camp Nejeda Day Camp programs...

In 2012, the Camp Nejeda Foundation, thanks to a grant from the LEGO Children's Fund, has launched its FIRST ever day camp program!  The first day camp was run at the RiverWinds Community Center in West Deptford, NJ and was designed to primarily serve children from the Camden, NJ area.  The program was expanded to serve children from the Camden and Gloucester County areas, as well. In recent years Camp Nejeda has added a North Jersey Day Camp program which serves the greater Newark community.

The grant that was received from the LEGO Children's Fund funded two pilot day camp programs.  In 2012 a pilot Nejeda Day Camp program was held in Camden at no cost to participants.  In 2013, Camp Nejeda offered a second day camp in Northern New Jersey as well.  Both programs will continue in 2017 for a fee.  Financial aid is available.

Nejeda Day Camps offer all the activities, education and fun that one would find at the Camp Nejeda summer program - and most importantly, the bonding and support that children with diabetes can get from each other only at a diabetes camp. Activities differ based on location but can include swimming, arts & crafts, rock climbing, sports, games and more.

The Camp Nejeda Foundation runs programs throughout the year for kids with diabetes.  Rather than "diabetes boot camps," our programs offer valuable educational opportunities in the form of teachable moments that occur during interactions between campers and our staff throughout the day.

“Mackenzie always comes home with higher self esteem and confidence after camp. She is less ashamed of her disease having had the opportunity to spend time around other who are just like her. She grows tremendously each year.”

Marnie - mother of Mackenzie, age 9