Summer Camp and Programs
for Children and Teens with Type 1 Diabetes

At Camp Nejeda children and teens with type 1 diabetes are given the opportunity to live, if only for one or two weeks, in a world where having diabetes is the norm and where there is no need to explain blood sugar checking, finger pricks, insulin injections, or 'carb' counting because everyone at camp already understands.  At Camp Nejeda children with diabetes are free to just be children and to enjoy a fun and educational camping experience in a safe learning environment.

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Summer sessions are filling up quickly, just a few available spots remain. Register today!

Map of Camp Nejeda's 72-acre Campus. 

Click on the image to download, view and print the full map in PDF format.

Click on the image to download, view and print the full map in PDF format.

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camper laundry service now available!

Camp Nejeda is pleased to offer Laundry Service for all two-week camping sessions. Laundry service will be available on the mid-session weekend and costs $10/load. Maximum number of laundry items per load is 4 towels and 5 sets of clothes. (no bedding, sleeping bags, sweaters or jackets).  Camper parents may sign-up and pay for the laundry service during intake when paying for your camper's trip costs and spending money. Laundry service is provided by Laundry Lab of Stillwater, NJ and is owned and operated by a Camp Nejeda Alumnus!

labeling your camper's items is the best way to
avoid mix-ups and lost items at camp.

Camp Nejeda Foundation has teamed up with Mabel’s Labels to encourage you to arrive to camp with your items labeled! With so many look-alike things, we want to make sure that you not only leave with lasting memories, but with all the items you brought to camp too! Mabel’s Labels has 2 Camp Packs available now, and for a limited time that contain camp-themed durable, waterproof labels. Simply order Mabel's Labels online and have them shipped directly to you and Camp Nejeda will receive 20% of the cost of your purchase (with no additional mark up to you!). Camp memories will stick with your child for years and so will Mabel's Labels! Shop now and support Camp Nejeda! 


Special thanks to Camp Nejeda Sponsors and Supporters...  

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