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Cabin 8 Posse!

Cabin 8 Posse!

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Connecting the Past to the Future

Update... Many of you have contributed to the Camp Nejeda Fund previously. We than you and ask that you consider contributing once again this year. Each year the need becomes greater, as we reach out to new campers and provide more activities to allow them to realize they are ABLE. They are STRONG. They are still apart of the real world. Camp allows kids who often feel isolated and alone to make lifelong friends with fellow diabetics. This was Star's second summer and she stayed for TWO weeks.Please be a hero for Star and the other children you can help go to camp.

We ALL thank you...Star, Karen and Mike

My story? I have been a part of Nejeda almost since its inception. Camp Nejeda has been a part of me since I was 8, first diagnosed, and my wonderful doctor and parents were wise enough to set me free there for three weeks of camping in utter rustic abandon. And I continued to come...through the girl then boy years...into the girl AND boy years and then as a staff member. There was nowhere else on earth that I felt so completely accepted...understood...and appreciated for what I could share with newbies and even parents. I learned the ins and outs of Diabetes at Nejeda... in the days of speck cups, clinitest tabs, diet cards, Karo syrup checks and endless glasses of OJ and grahams in the middle of the night. I learned to give my own shot my first week, and was thrilled to death. And I made some of the best friends I ever had...having without a doubt the most FUN I ever had.
And NOW????? My precious Star, my 6 year old granddaughter whom we dx'd at 2, is ready to be a camper. And I am thrilled to know that Nejeda is still there. A different kind of Nejeda....but hey, what else is the same as in 1960? I smile as I think about all the fun she will have. I think about how much she will learn, not just about diabetes, but about herself...friendships..and life in general and specifically life in the outdoors. I am proud to think about her hiking some of my favorite paths, and learning about all that she can do. It tugs at my heart that she will not have the opportunity to swim in scunge lake and earn her way out of the swim crib, but then, I am not convinced she would even go in to step on true Saddlebag Lake Scunge.
My friends and I...my sparkling Star...and all other children with diabetes are so lucky to have so many people now and over the years who have cared so much about their lives and self-esteem and potential in life. So many people have worked so diligently to provide this treasure. In my day it was the Sea-Bees coming in to build us bunks. These days it is corporations with hearts reaching out. Every bit of it counts.
Camp Nejeda is my fund-raising effort this year. I am not attempting to earn a hoodi or a stadium blanket. The prize I hope to be a part of making reality is the opportunity for every child with diabetes to have the opportunity to be a part of Nejeda.
My hope is that you will decide to add your name to the list of people who care. Until there is a cure, we need desperately to support facilities like Nejeda!

The efforts of this page are in memory of the many rich hours spent with fellow camper...counselor ... friend...Sue Dolinskas and dedicated to my granddaughter Star, who has begun her own Nejeda story.



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