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My son Benjamin is now eleven. He was six years old when he first diagnosed with type1 juvenile diabetes. When we were told by the doctor he had diabetes the news was shocking and overwhelming. You start to question yourself as a parent. All time stops and your priorities suddenly change and a new world confronts you. A feeling of isolation and lack of knowledge as to your next steps become a nightmare; what to do, where to do it, and where to go. Fortunately, you realize help is near by. Thankful for places like the Berry Center in New York, parents who are in the same situation reaching out to you with support and helpful advice, you become a member of a much bigger family. Your outlook on your child's life starts to look brighter again.

As a parent you realize its your turn to start giving back in any way you can.
when Camp Nejeda was first introduced to us, we went to see the importance this camp had for Benjamin, understanding the amazing concept. It is solely run by staff members, doctors, and for campers who are all sharing the same common difficulties, diabetes. When someone expresses the term 'tears of joy' that's what I experienced watching how this camp gives all children a feeling of importance and being just being like every other healthy child. These kids deserve the same chance that all children were born to have.

Support takes dedication, education and always MONEY! We are always looking for newer and different ways to help all of the Benjamin's out there.. Please give what your heart allows!

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