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Welcome to Camp Nejeda Flag

This plaque was made by a camper and presented to the Camp Nejeda Foundation as a gift and is proudly displayed outside the camp's main office.


Todd's Trail

Constructed in 2001 with funds donated by the Saslow Family, Todd's Trail is a one-mile loop trail that is used by campers for walking and biking. The trail circles Saddlebag Lake, loops the fields and cuts back through the woods. Ten active blue-bird boxes, built by a camper, line Todd's Trail.


Saddlebag Lake

The seven acre Saddlebag Lake is centrally located on the camps 72 acre property. Campers use the lake for boating and fishing during daily activity periods.


Caspersen Lodge/Dining Hall

Caspersen Lodge is large enough to feed the entire camp community at one time. Meals are served family style and every camper can count their carbs from a menu board that is updated for every meal by the camp’s full-time dietitian.


Helmsley Health Center

The Helmsley Health Center is ‘home base’ for the camp's medical staff, which provides 24-hour nurse coverage. The Health Center includes two dedicated sick rooms, a fully equipped exam room, and two pump change rooms for campers using insulin pumps to change their infusion sites. The second story dormitory houses the camp's nurses during the camp's summer residential programs and houses campers during extended programs throughout the year. 


Camper Cabins

Each camper cabin houses eight campers and four counselors. Located in the wooded edges of the campus, the cabins feel secluded but are actually easily accessible from the Health Center and a short walk to the dining hall or shower building. Each cabin has a toilet and sink.


Bolger Pavilion

The Bolger Pavilion provides a space for campers and nurses to meet for mealtime insulin administration that is protected from both rain and the summer sun. The Bolger Pavilion also provides additional space for programs and activities.


Levison Pool

Our swimming pool is large enough for the whole camp to swim at once and is used every day.


Guzy Building for Arts & Crafts

First used as the camp’s dining hall in the 1950’s, Guzy is now the home of Camp Nejeda's arts and crafts activities, including woodworking, leatherworking and rocketry.


Archery Range

Camp Nejeda has a terrific archery range that is very popular with our campers. Nejeda's counselors receive training and get certified in archery instruction.

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