Online Photos, News & Camper Email at Camp Nejeda

Camp Nejeda partners with Bunk1.com to let you see what is going on a Camp Nejeda and also allow you to correspond with your camper in a timely manner. Using a secure login, you'll be able to send a "Bunk Note" to your camper and it will be delivered with the camp mail the following day. No need to wait for USPS to deliver - Bunk1 makes it easy to communitcate with your child. 

You will receive a sheet in your camper enrollment packet that contains the Registration Code and instructions for accessing this year's photos.  If you did not get this sheet or have lost it, please call our office at 973-383-2611 or email us at programs@campnejeda.org



1. Can other relatives use Bunk1 services? 

Absolutely! As soon as you login, you will notice a button under the heading "Quick Links" to "Invite Family Members". Click that button, enter the details and they will be sent an email invitation. PLEASE NOTE: this will prompt them to set up their own account. It does provide them access to your account OR your Bunk Note Credits.

2. What do I do if I have lost my password?

Go to www.bunk1.com and click "Need to reset your password?". You will be prompted to enter your email address and will then receive an email containing a link to reset your password.

3. Accessing Bunk1 from a mobile device?

The Bunk1 website is mobile optomized. Acessing Bunk1 from a mobile device or tablet will look differently tha it does on a computer screen. You wil lnotice an orange bar at hte top of the screen, with 3 lines on the left-hand side. The lines provide access to the Bunk1 menu screen. Click to navigate to photos and Bunk Notes. 

Questions or Problems?  Please call Bunk1 at 1-800-216-9475 or email support@bunk1.com

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